End of Summer Car Show

The summer of 2016 has just come to an end so what better way to send it off then with a beautiful sunny day and some beautiful Lowriders Cars. Sounds like a great idea but putting together a show is no easy task. Luckily for us Orange County CC and One Family car club took it upon themselves to make it that happen!

Uniques CC El Grito Car Show

The month was September and the year was 1810 when Miguel Hidalgo the Father of Mexican Independence gave his famous “Grito” to ask his fellow Mexicans to help him end the 300 years of Spanish rule in Mexico. This infamous “Grito” led to the Mexican Independence of Spain. Now over 200 years later El Grito is celebrated all over the planet in both

Santana CC Cruise Night at Bristol Sound

Pelenos and Pendletons

6Th ST Bridge Cruise Night

The 6th Street Bridge is a Los Angeles Icon because it has been featured in hundreds of movies since the 1960's but to  Los Angelino's the bridge is a place where people from all backgrounds come together to cruise their rides!

Decentes CC Cruise night

La Sucia 48 Fleetmaster


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