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For the fourth year in a row the Midnite Cruisers Car Club and the Suavecito Pomade crew have been playing Santa Claus in the Santanita neighborhood of Santa Ana. This was the year of cancelations and postponements due to covid 19 but this did not stop this dedicated crew. That just meant getting creative and working harder. Through a drive through style toy donation that took place a few weeks before and by having sanitary precautions the day if the event the crew where able to donate hundreds of toys. According to Suavecitos Sales Manager Rudy the toy caravan was able to hit 10 city blocks with a caravan that was about 50 cars deep.
Events like this are so important, specially in a year like 2020 when so many families have struggled. In the words of a young lady that received gifts “We are really hurting this year and seeing people care about us really put a smile on our face”. If you would like to donate your time, money or gifts for next years toy caravan please contact Cris Mendez at Suavecito. He is the official contact and organizer for this event

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