I’m proud to say that I’m part of the Lowrider community. The reason I’m part of this group is because I love cars and I love photographing cars. Being from this group comes with some unwritten rules that most of us follow. We cruise, got to car shows admire each others rides and help work on each others rides. There’s another much more important thing we do though, we band together when one of us needs help. I have first hand experience in this. When my Kids House was burnt down The Orange County Lowrider Community banded together to help me and my kids. Now two years later (almost to the day) some of my friends did it again. This time it was to help my sisters and I lay my father to rest.

On Sunday March 3rd I received a call that no one ever wants to get. I was told that my Dad was found unresponsive, not breathing and with no pulse. Later that night we got the official confirmation, at the young age of 62 of my Dad had suffered a deadly heart attack.

The following day as my sisters and I where finishing up making funeral arrangements my phone started going off like crazy from IG notifications. Im still not sure how Oscar (Street Certified) found out but he reached out to my girlfriend and between him, her, his team and Bristol Sound they put together a flier for a fundraiser and posted it on IG.On a already emotional day this fucked me up a lil bit. I couldn’t believe the compassion and support my fam and I where already receiving one day in to this tragedy.

We had amazing support the day of the event. It was not just my Lowrider family that came out to help. My fam, their friends and all kinds of other people came by and helped us out. My good friend Franky Adame came out with the Suavecito Panel and with his grille. Franky grilled hot dogs ALL DAY, 

Oscar washed cars ALL DAY   and even people that came to get their cars washed helped us wash cars  when the line got to long for us to handle.

I wish I could find a more eloquent way to word this but I also want to highlight how much my cousin Art helped, His brother Mando and his nephew worked all day!!  All in all, between the car wash, the food sales and the raffles we got about $4100!

I wish I could thank all that contributed one by one but this would go on for ever. Just please be aware that nothing went unnoticed and I’m in debt to all of you. When the time comes I promise that you can count on me to return the love.


Cell Phone Pics : Olga Vargas FB

Other Pics Courtesy Of Minerva and Danny