The 2016 Presidential Election results have come and many are beyond upset with the results. All over our country protest have sparked to voice the disapproval of our new elected president Donald Trump. Santa Ana is no exception so on Wednesday night a small group of concerned citizens began a small march on South Bristol and what began as a peaceful protest ended up a cluster fuck.

To begin with, I’m not sure why this was held on Bristol. Other than the fact that Bristol has long been our spot to cause desmadre there was really no reason to hold the protest there. This being a “Political” protest you would assume that like in many major cities across the country the protest would begin in or end in the local the city hall.

It’s upsetting for outsiders like Trump to call us names and insult us but it is absolutely infuriating for us to act a certain way to prove him right. The behavior I witnessed was horrifying. Kids yelling obscenities at law enforcement for no apparent reason other than the fact they are law enforcement! Even worst was seeing GROWN ASS MEN and women (with babies!) out there acting in the same manner. WTF! This is not the type of Hispanic people I grew up with nor was raised by. I honestly don’t know where these people come from but they are an embarrassment to the rest of us!

There was a few kids that where out there attempting to perform a peaceful protest and kept on trying to calm the mob down. There were two young ladies in particular that took it upon themselves to protect a SAPD squad car that was parked on Bristol just South of Wilshire. Every time some one attempted to vandalize the car they would stand in front of the car and shield it with their body. Unfortunately the same cannot be said for the patrol car parked on McFadden and Bristol. The windshield was smashed with rocks and doors where kicked in. WHY!!!!!!!!! What does the SAPD have to do with Trump? The 7/11 on the same intersection had its store front and glass doors smashed. Again, I ask why??
Other than getting shot with a rubber bullet by the SAPD for photographing the previous mentioned patrol car (they where pist!) I feel like they handled the whole situation pretty well. They where taunted the whole night and pretty much only reacted when the crowd threw objects at them witch included water bottles, bricks, rocks and fire works. I saw 3 or 4 people get arrested and they got knocked around pretty good when they where being put down. A bit excessive but in my opinion warranted.