Imagine its 9 am the Saturday before Christmas; you’re still in bed in your pajamas and you hear a siren! In between the sounds of the siren you hear cars honking and between the honks you can faintly hear “HO, HO, HO, kids come outside and get presents”! Well that’s exactly what some kids in Santa Ana woke up too Saturday morning on December 22, 2018.  

The sirens where coming from the Bombas lined up in the street 30+ deep,

the honks where coming from trucks and on top on one of those trucks was Santa handing out presents. Not only was Santa handing out presents, every single person in the Bombas where too!



For 3 years now SUAVECITO, GUNTHERS and the MID NIGHT CRUISERS car club have been putting together this somewhat unorthodox toys for tots program.  As appose to making the kids come to the toys they bring the toys to the kids in the Santanita neighborhood of Santa Ana (the neighborhood the three contributing groups grew up in). For the kids of this neighborhood there is no need to stand in long lines, sign up for a toy or lose out on a toy simply because you’re not informed on where to get a free toy, Toys in Barrio (the official unofficial title of the drive lol) brings the toys to the tots, just walk outside and grab yourself a present!



Some kids where half asleep still in their pj’s, some kids in their tighty whities and some adults had a face full shaving cream but they all made their way outside as soon as they heard Santa.                          


For about 2 hours and seven city blocks every one that walked up to the caravan of presents received at least one gift.  


After the gifts where all passed out the Toy Caravan headed back to Suavecito Headquarters for a much deserved meal consisting of grilled burgers and refreshments. It was job well done by all involved and you could feel nothing but good energy and good spirits from everyone in the crowd. 


There are no corporate or political sponsors for this event, it’s put together by the people of Santa Ana for the people of Santa Ana. Contributions are always welcome in form of unwrapped presents and financial donations. These things can be dropped off Suavecito Headquarters in Santa Ana. If more Car Clubs in the area contributed to this the City would be over ran with Lowriders passing gifts on a Sat morning; NOW IMAGINE THAT!  

Pics and Story By; Adan Olivares