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 Cruising Clause Toy give away in the hood


I’m proud to say that I’m part of the Lowrider community. The reason I’m part of this group is because I love cars and I love photographing cars. Being from this group comes with some unwritten rules that most of us follow. We cruise, got to car shows admire each others rides and help work on each others rides. There’s another much more important thing we do though, we band together when one of us needs help.


Imagine its 9 am on the Saturday before Christmas; you’re still in bed in your pajamas and you hear a siren! In between the sounds of the siren you hear cars honking and between the honks you can faintly hear “HO, HO, HO, kids come outside and get presents”! Well that’s exactly what some kids in Santa Ana woke up too Saturday morning on December 22, 2018. 


As the California weather gets hotter so does the Classic Pobres CC Breakfast cruise! Now with live entertainment, sponsors and more rides this event is definitely picking up momentum! If you have not attended this event I don’t know what your waiting for, it’s a good ass time!


I’ve been living in Santa Ana all my life so the site of clean ass Lowriders dipping on the block is common for me. Having said that, I still get excited every single time I see it! I love driving down major streets like Fairview, Bristol, Main and seeing clean ass rides yielding on to traffic. Is that a new ride, who is it, does it have plaque. These are things that go through my mind in that split second that I see those rides




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